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22 March 1974
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Novelist, freelance role-playing game designer, and overall geek. I'm the author of The Conqueror's Shadow, Agents of Artifice, and other works of fiction, as well as a zillion-and-one RPG supplements. I have other novels out, or forthcoming from both Spectra (Random House) and Pyr Books.

I got my start on White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade, and have since done a great deal of work for White Wolf (and their Sword & Sorcery line) and many other D20 companies. Most of my RPG work these days is for Wizards of the Coast, but I'm shifting focus to concentrate more on my fiction. If you really want a complete list of companies and credits, it's available on my web site.

I was hatched in New York, fled to Houston when I was about a year old, where I lived for most of my life. Now living in Austin, and have been since mid-2001.

I'm married to the weirdest (though it's a subtle weirdness), most patient, and most wonderful person on the planet (and possibly off it, though I haven't finished cataloging the rest of the galaxy yet). Call her George. Yes, it's a nickname. No, it's not short for Georgia, Georgianna, or anything else that might actually make sense. Don't ask.

We have a frumpy (and if I'd meant "fluffy" I'd have said "fluffy") orange-and-white cat (a dreamsicle cat?) named Leloo. She's supposed to be named after the character Leeloo from The Fifth Element, but we spelled it wrong. We also have a grey tabby named Pippin. They haven't killed each other yet, but I'm all but convinced it's only a matter of time.

I'm the founder a of the LJ Chronic Health Issues community, a place for people with, well, chronic health issues of any and every sort (and for the friends, family, and significant others of such people). Please feel free to stop by and check us out. I'm also the moderator of the RPG_Slaves community. This is an invite-only community devoted to people who work in the RPG industry. If you work in the industry and want in, e-mail me.

And--uhhh... And that'll do for now; if something I've said hasn't interested you by now, you're not going to find me interesting, so why keep trying? ;-)

You can follow me on Twitter, too: http://twitter.com/mouseferatu

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